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New, low cost infra-red sensor has electronics integrated in the cable. Optris has launched two new compact, infra-red temperature sensors, offering OEMs a cost effective, high accuracy but rugged device that can measure temperatures from -20°C up to 350°C. The innovative 'optris CS' and 'optris CSmicro' sensor series are ideal for industrial OEM users and combine high quality and accuracy of metrological parameters, with a rugged, high-grade stainless steel housing and an attractive price per measuring point. The sensors are approximately half the price of the company's standard infra-red temperature sensors. The technology was designed specifically for OEM customers, who to date may have avoided infra-red measurement due to its relative high cost. The 'optris CS' is therefore compact, with an M12 thread and a diameter of 14 mm and a length of 87 mm. The sensor also comes with integrated electronics, an LED display and a smart sighting support. The 'optris CS' is a rugged device, benefiting from coated silicon optics and so can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 75°C, without cooling. Further features are: a scalable analogue output of 0 - 10 V or 0 - 5 V, adjustable signal processing, short circuit and polarity reversal protection, USB programming interface with software and a wide power range of 5 - 7 or 12 - 28 V DC. The 'optris CSmicro' is even more compact and measures just 14 mm in diameter by 28 mm in length, with an M12 thread. Again, the sensor is housed in stainless steel but the processing electronics are integrated in the sensor cable itself, which facilitates small sensor dimensions. In addition to providing all the features of the 'optris CS', the 'optris CSmicro' goes further and provides a programmable simultaneous alarm output for fast analysis and switching operations. A very fast response time of 30ms (CS and CSmicro) demonstrates the level of technical innovation these sensors bring to the infra-red temperature sensor market. The sensor can also be used in ambient temperatures of up to 120°C without having to cool the sensing head. Torsten Czech, technical sales engineer at Optris commented: "The optris CSmicro was launched at this year's Hannover Fair and is the result of OEMs asking us to provide a more cost effective, compact infra-red temperature sensor. Our typical list price for a standard sensor is around £116, with the CSmicro at around £156, depending on the volume purchased. However, despite its low cost, we've also managed to incorporate coated silicon optics, rather than using plastics, which means OEMs can benefit from the lower cost without having to sacrifice on quality or accuracy." Optris GmbH specialises in the development, production and sales of non-contact, infra-red thermometers. The company's product range comprises of online sensors, as well as portable, infra-red cameras and pyrometers, which are predominantly used in maintenance and process control applications. The Optris products are available in the UK through Micro-Epsilon UK. _________________________________________________________ For sales and technical information contact:- Chris Jones Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd. Telephone: +44(0)151 355 6070 Fax: +44(0)151 355 6075 Email: info@micro-epsilon.co.uk Website: www.micro-epsilon.co.uk Tel: +44(0) 151 482 5545 Email: me.uk@micro-epsilon.com Website: www.micro-epsilon.com June 2006

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