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Micro-Epsilon launches PROFIBUS-DP module for infrared temperature sensors

Sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has now launched a low cost PROFIBUS-DP interface module for its ‘optris CT Series’ infrared thermometer range.

As with other digital interfaces from Micro-Epsilon’s optris range, the module is simply plugged into the already compact CT electronics unit, either directly at the factory or by the end user, and after configuration, is ready for immediate use. The PROFIBUS-DP module is priced at just £191, with the CT Series infrared thermometer at £199.

PROFIBUS – Process Fieldbus – is a manufacturer-independent fieldbus standard (to EN 50170) for numerous applications within production automation, process manufacturing and building automation, which enables trouble-free, rapid bit-serial communication of devices from different automation vendors, without special interfaces being required. PROFIBUS-DP (Decentralised Peripheral) is used in production systems for the control of sensors and actuators (slaves) by a central control unit (master).

The optris CT infrared thermometers and other sensors can now be integrated directly with PROFIBUS equipment and automation solutions, without converters. This reduces cabling, installation and commissioning costs and simplifies set up of parameters. In this way, company-specific solutions can be realised more easily and more economically.

Measured temperature values, alarms and status descriptions of the measuring points and sensor can now be recalled and measurement parameters, such as emissions levels, transmission levels, signal shaping, measurement temperature ranges and alarm limits, can be changed. The GSD file included in the supplied items enables consistent customisation by the user. Connection is provided by a SUB-D connector or DIN coupler with integral sensor power supply.

In addition to the PROFIBUS-DP module, Micro-Epsilon also offers plug-in RS232, RS485, CAN Open and USB interfaces for the CT Series.

Infrared thermometers are used in a wide range of fields, including the process manufacturing industries, for non-contact temperature measurement of products, machines or tools and are now increasingly regarded by OEMs as an indispensable part of machine sensor systems.

Micro-Epsilon’s ‘optris CT’ series of sensors is one of the smallest infrared sensors in the world, with 20:1 optical resolution. Rugged and usable up to 180°C ambient temperature without cooling, the sensor measures temperatures from –40°C up to 900°C and can accommodate digital remote communication of up to 32 sensors in one network.

For hazardous areas, an accessory kit is available for the ‘optris CT’ series. The ‘optris CTex’ comprises aluminium housing with mounting options for two zener barriers and ‘optris CT’ sensor electronics. It comes with a pre-assembled cable for the ‘optris CT’ electronics. According to EN50014, the ‘optris CT’ sensing heads are classed as simple electrical devices and so, with suitable zener barriers to limit energy consumption, are deemed intrinsically safe for use in hazardous areas.

Micro-Epsilon’s ‘Ctfast’ is one of the smallest, fastest infrared sensors in the world, with exposure times between 3ms (50% signal) and 9ms (90% signal). Moving objects need only appear in the measuring field of the device for only 4ms for the unit to be able to detect temperatures ranging from –40°C up to 600°C.

This opens up a wide range of possible applications for the sensor, for example, the temperature measurement of hot wheel bearings in moving trains. Similarly, measuring the temperature of objects in ‘freefall’ can now be monitored for overheating and temperature difference. ‘Safety at work’ applications such as the temperature control of bulk goods on coal dumps, where glowing remains could cause a fire. And the sensor also comes into its own when monitoring the temperature of small components (2mm) moving down conveyor lines.

The optris ‘Ctfast’ has a fast analogue output with intelligent real time data processing and an instant digital output with a response time of 4ms. The sensor is easy to assemble in multiple arrays for line scanning of small, fast moving objects (hot spot detection) using an RS485 bus connection. The unit is also rugged up to 180°C ambient temperature without any cooling.

The sensor unit is very compact. The sensing head measures just 28mm in length with a diameter of 14mm. The control & electronics box measures just 120mm x 70mm x 30mm, making the complete unit easy to integrate into a company’s production line.

The sensor is easy to set up and can be controlled remotely. There is automatic data logging for analysis and documentation. A graphics display shows fast temperature trends and users can programme analogue and digital inputs to take external emissivity and ambient temperature into account. Alarm output signals can be programmed and digital remote communication is possible for up to 32 sensors in a single network. The electronics is housed in a stainless steel body and accessories are available for cooling and air purging.

Micro-Epsilon (www.micro-epsilon.co.uk) is a major global manufacturer of sensors, headquartered in Germany. The company's range of sensors measure everything from displacement to distance, position, vibration, dimensions and thickness, using both contact and non-contact measurement techniques. These techniques include inductive, differential transformer, eddy-current, capacitive, laser-optical, potentiometric and draw-wire principles.

With more than 30 years' experience in the industry, Micro-Epsilon isn't just a sensor manufacturer. The company is highly innovative and understands the importance of providing complete solutions and support services for its customers. The firm is renowned for its expertise in consulting, development and application of industrial sensors to complex, customer-specific solutions for measurement, inspection and automation. The focus is on selling technical advantage to its clients.

For sales and technical information contact:-

Chris Jones
Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd.
Telephone: +44(0)151 355 6070
Fax: +44(0)151 355 6075

March 2007

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