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Non-contact measurement technology workshop hailed a success by delegates

Precision measurement specialist Micro-Epsilon (UK) Ltd held the first of a series of new Technology Workshops last month in Reading. Feedback from the attendees suggested the event was a success, providing both useful information in combination with live, practical demonstrations of the various technologies.

The one-day workshop, which was held at The Holiday Inn, Reading South, on 12th May 2011, attracted more than 40 delegates from a diverse range of industry sectors, including food & beverage, metal processing, automotive, aerospace, defence, power generation, energy management, FMCG, and Formula One.

The workshop, entitled 'Non-contact Measurement Techniques and Best Practices', included both theoretical presentations and practical demonstrations of non-contact displacement and non-contact temperature measurement (infrared) techniques.

On the day, delegates were introduced to the four primary non-contact displacement measurement techniques: eddy current, capacitive, laser triangulation and confocal. The objective was to demonstrate the pros and cons of each measuring method to delegates, therefore enabling them to select the most suitable sensor technology for their application.

As Chris Jones, Managing Director at Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd stated in his opening address: "The workshop is all about learning. We want to educate and inform delegates about the various measuring principles that are now available and which of these techniques is best suited to a particular application. We also want to provide practical, hands-on demonstrations of the various measuring principles and to enable delegates to actually operate the sensors themselves, using live application set ups around the room."

Delegates also heard from one of Micro-Epsilon's customers. Andrew Ashton-Smith, Project Development Manager at Stable Micro Systems Ltd, gave a presentation on how his company is using Micro-Epsilon's optoNCDT 1700 laser triangulation sensors in its new VolScan Profiler. This special purpose machine is a benchtop laser-based scanner that measures the volume of bread and other bakery products. The machine provides rapid, precise, three-dimensional digitisation of products, allowing bakery companies to control and monitor the bread making conditions and ingredient performance.

Presentations from Micro-Epsilon were provided by Chris Jones (Managing Director, Micro-Epsilon UK) and Horst Bathke (Sales Director, Micro-Epsilon GmbH). In addition, Glenn Wedgbrow (Sales Manager, Micro-Epsilon UK) gave a presentation on Infrared Temperature Measurement. In the afternoon, delegates were then split into groups and given practical demonstrations of the various non-contact measurement techniques using a range of Micro-Epsilon sensors.

To register for Micro-Epsilon's next workshop in October 2011, please email ian.craven@micro-epsilon.co.uk . The workshop has a limited number of places available and so attendees are advised to register early to avoid disappointment. Alternatively, telephone Ian Craven on 0151 355 6070.


For sales and technical information contact:-

Chris Jones
Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd.
Telephone: +44(0)151 355 6070
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June 2011

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