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New optical fibre micrometers are ideal for harsh environments

Precision sensor specialist Micro-Epsilon has extended its optoCONTROL family of optical micrometers with a new optical fibre micrometer for harsh industrial environments.

Micro-Epsilon's new optoCONTROL CLS-K sensors comprise of a transmitter and receiver for either infrared or ultraviolet light with subsequent signal processing. Measurements are made directly on the target object using optical fibre. The correct light guide is selected depending on the measurement task. Here, the decisive factors are distance from the target object to the electronics, as well as the minimum installation space required.

CLS-K sensors are ideal for demanding, harsh industrial applications, as the separate electronics unit can be mounted at a safe distance away from the sensor. Amplifiers are provided with starting at wavelengths of 280nm, enabling measuring frequencies of 4 to 8kHz at resolutions starting from 0.1mm.

Typical applications include edge detection, counting tasks, glass detection, monitoring & control of mounting procedure, gap detection, and scanning tasks in potentially explosive (hazardous) atmospheres.

In addition to the optoCONTROL CLS-K series, Micro-Epsilon also offers four other optical micrometers. With these sensors, a light source emits a laser or LED light curtain in the direction of the receiver. The LED or laser light produced is parallel enlarged using lenses. The light intensity or the shadow received is evaluated on a CCD element. The sensor has no mechanical parts, which ensures a longer service life, whilst offering higher speed measurements. These sensors measure diameter, width, gap, position, edge, opacity or segments of a body edge using a light curtain, reaching widths of up to 100mm.

The optoCONTROL 1200 is the most compact, high speed sensor in the range . The electronics is already integrated within the sensor, which can be used for extremely high speed processes and where installation space is tight. Tracking of an edge within the measuring beam is the ideal application for this sensor.

The optoCONTROL 1202 enables a 75mm or 100mm wide laser light strip, so the measuring range is almost twice that of other sensor models. Typical applications include diameter evaluations, detecting the left or right edge of a gap, gap width detection, and the detection of multiple gaps or edges within the measuring range.

The optoCONTROL 2500 is a laser-based high resolution micrometer that is used for all common measurement tasks starting at a resolution of one micrometre. The sensor is typically used in dual sensor measuring lines in order to monitor one or more gaps or edge mass.

The optoCONTROL 2600 micrometer measures using a red LED laser The system provides high precision measurements even in strong ambient light conditions. A typical application is in the position detection of copper pipes during production. Resolution starts at 0.1 micrometre and all measuring parameters can be set up via the controller or integrated to the production process via the sensor's serial interface.

For more information on Micro-Epsilon's optoCONTROL family of optical micrometers and fibre micrometers, please call the Micro-Epsilon sales department on 0151 355 6070 or email: info@micro-epsilon.co.uk

Micro-Epsilon (www.micro-epsilon.co.uk) is a major global manufacturer of sensors, headquartered in Germany. The company’s range of displacement sensors measure everything from to distance, position, vibration, dimensions and thickness, using both contact and non-contact measurement techniques. These techniques include 1D, 2D and even 3D laser-optical sensors and systems, eddy-current, capacitive, LVDT & inductive, potentiometric and draw-wire principles. Additionally Micro Epsilon has developed its own range of non-contact infrared temperature sensors that can measure virtually any target temperature from -40 to +3,300°C.

With more than 35 years’ experience in the industry, Micro-Epsilon isn’t just a sensor manufacturer. The company is highly innovative and understands the importance of providing complete solutions and support services for its customers. The firm is renowned for its expertise in consulting, development and application of industrial sensors to complex, customer-specific solutions for measurement, inspection and automation. The focus is on selling technical advantage to its customers.

For sales and technical information contact:-

Chris Jones
Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd.
Telephone: +44(0)151 355 6070
Fax: +44(0)151 355 6075

March 2012

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