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Anti-Aliasing Board upgrade provides optimised
FFT Bining Rate.

Microstar Laboratories has introduced a significant upgrade to its
specialised 8-channel, 16-bit resolution PCI DAP board, the iDSC 1816.
The board can now sample at precisely 102,400 samples/second
simultaneously on each channel, an ideal rate for 1024-point FFTs
binning at 100Hz.

The iDSC 1816 applies first stage analogue filters, and combines the
best analogue techniques before signal conversion with user-selectable
digital filter algorithms applied after A-D conversion.
The algorithms run on dual 80MHz digital signal processors controlled
by a general purpose 32-bit processor and supported by 16 MB of memory.

The board can acquire data at up to 153.6ksamples/second per channel
(the rate for 1024-point FFTs binning at 150Hz), and filters signals for all
forms of spectral analysis. The iDSC 1816 is controlled from any
Windows NT or 9x system that contains the board, and it can also be
controlled remotely over a network.

The iDSC 1816 features data acquisition with 16-bit resolution,
optical isolation, and anti-aliasing, 8 inputs with simultaneous sampling,
independent onboard filters with flat passbands, linear phase and
steep roll-off, wide-ranging cut-off frequencies up to 61.44 kHz selectable
by channel and expansion to 112 simultaneous channels in one PC.

These features bring to PC-based systems the virtual brick-wall filters
needed for critical results in spectral analysis applications such as sonar
and monitoring vibrating and rotating assemblies in the automotive,
aerospace, and power generation industries that require high accuracy
over several channels.

The DSCview for Windows software included with each board enables
the shape of the response curve for each filter to be changed; the filter
can then be attached to one or more channels, or a different filter can be
constructed for each channel. A demo version of this software is
available from www.mstarlabs.com/ftp/webftp.html. The board also
comes with support for programming languages and for common
data acquisition applications such as LabVIEW, HP VEE, DASYLab,
DIAdem and MATLAB.


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June 2000