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  Cost effective Real-time Data Acquisition & Control

The Microstar Laboratories, the specialist designer and manufacturer
of Data Acquisition Processor boards, has announced its new,
low-cost PCI DAP board, the 14-bit resolution DAP 840/103 for
32-bit local or networked real-time processing.

It has onboard intelligence implemented as DAPL 2000, a 32-bit
multitasking real-time operating system that runs on an onboard processor;
the user controls this from any Windows (NT, 98, 95) local or networked machine.

The DAP 840/103 provides eight analogue and eight digital onboard inputs
and two analogue and eight digital onboard outputs. The analogue input
channels sample at an overall 800k samples per second, and the eight digital
input channels at an overall rate of 800k words per second. The two analogue
output channels each can run at 400k updates per second for an overall 800k
updates per second, and the eight digital output channels update at an overall
800k words per second.

AID input resolution is 14-bit for its eight analogue channels, and D/A resolution
is 12-bit for its two analogue outputs. The board has 8MB of onboard memory
for data buffers, and uses DMA bus mastering to transfer data to the PC.

Many users require real-time performance from their systems and also want to
use familiar industry standard Windows-compatible interfaces to their systems:
HP VEE, LabVIEW, DASYLab, Visual Basic, etc. For these users, Data
Acquisition Processor boards and driver software from Microstar Laboratories
present a ready-made solution: users can stay with the interface software they
prefer and they can also have the real-time performance the system requires
for non corrupt data acquisitions.

DAPL 2000 supervises data acquisition and process control free from any
resource demands imposed by Windows or by other programs running on the
PC at the same time. DAPtools OCX is also available for applications written
in Borland Delphi or Microsoft Visual Basic (32-bit).

Designing a data acquisition and control application involves specifying exactly
how the DAP 840 has to behave during the application. DAPL 2000 provides
over 100 easy-to-use commands: typically, an application can require as few
as six task-definition commands. Command categories include DSP filtering
and spectral analysis, sensor conditioning, software triggering and process

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June 2000