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SiteView SDK - Software Driver for Site-Log Data Loggers

Microedge Instruments Inc. announced the official release of SiteView SDK.

SiteView SDK is a Windows based library with frequently used functions for Site-Log series of data loggers. It is for solution providers and other developers to write their own software in order to integrate Site-Log data loggers in their systems.

SiteView SDK is developped in .NET platform working with Windows softwawre that can invoke .NET assembly (dll). It presents as an interface between Site-Log and other applications, allowing communicating with Site-Log in order to configure a new session, retrieve status and download data etc.

SiteView SDK provides most of general functions that SiteView supports and it handles the complexity behind the scene, leaving the customer's application neat and clean.

Siteview SDK's retail price is $249US.

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May 2012

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