Technology allows for low-cost vibration monitoring.

In order to facilitate the cost-effective condition monitoring
of motors in a wide range of manufacturing and industrial
processes,  the Defender vibration sensor has been developed.

Suitable for DC and AC, single- and variable-speed motors and
gearboxes, the Defender is the ideal 'low-cost, entry-level'
vibration monitoring unit.      

By providing the means with which to regularly monitor the performance
of motors and gearboxes, the Defender enables maintenance
engineers to easily predict when repairs or replacements are required.
This allows for considerable savings to be made in both time and money,
as maintenance windows can be managed more effectively and
downtime significantly reduced.   

Ideal for production and manufacturing equipment such as machine
tools, industrial presses, automation systems and packaging lines,
the latest vibration sensor is also suitable for remote monitoring. 

Requiring no external power source, the Defender is ideal
for use remote locations and applications where the performance
of motors needs to be monitored regularly, but where the cost of a
fully integrated condition monitoring system would otherwise be

Typical applications include motors in dust and fume filtration systems,
as well as ventilation systems found in public places such as
underground car parks.

The Defender's small dimensions make it ideal for difficult
to reach locations or applications where space is limited, while its
variable-position mounting unit makes for quick and easy mounting
in any plane.

The Defender comprises a number of unique features
including a built-in, two-digit LCD display, five-year lithium
manganese battery and an innovative acceleration switch.
Sensitive to sudden motion and used to activate the sensor, the
acceleration switch ensures a sharp tap on the casing is all that
is required to start the Defender operating. The unit
automatically shuts down after a pre-determined interval to
prolong battery life still further.

Based on proven sensor technology and featuring an integral
microprocessor, the Defender is constructed from
stainless-steel components and casing. The monitor is extremely
accurate, with a displayed velocity range of 0mm/sec rms to
99mm/sec rms and a measurement bandwidth of 6Hz to 1kHz;
each unit is sealed to IP65 and can operate at temperatures
ranging from  -20°C to +85°C.

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October 2002
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