Vibration Meter aids Predictive Maintenance.

Lansing Linde, the world's largest manufacturer of
materials handling equipment is using a portable
vibration meter for critical predictive maintenance
routines at its UK manufacturing plant in Basingstoke.

The company is using the compact and lightweight portable
meter with a hand held probe, to provide accurate vibration
measurement on equipment and systems such as pumps in
the paint shop and compressors in the air handling units, to
enable effective planning as part of its predictive maintenance

As Larry Armitstead, Maintenance Manager at Lansing Linde
explains, "Vibration analysis is one of the most effective methods
of monitoring the performance of rotating machinery throughout
the plant. We use the Portable meter for monitoring units such
as pumps and fans, as well as for troubleshooting."

The vibration meter is a complete, ready to use unit, that can
measure acceleration, velocity or displacement in three ranges.
The system comprises a meter and a hand-held probe with
attachable spike or magnetic mount, all contained in a protective
Maintenance engineers at Lansing Linde find the portable meter
particular easy to use, with the readings taken from items such as
the pumps in the paint shop, providing useful data for trend analysis.
As a result, maintenance routines can be planned effectively and
efficiently to ensure minimal distribution to the production process.

"The vibration meter is a very effective tool/' says Larry Armitstead.
"The compact, portable nature of the instrument means that it can be
kept readily to hand in the office for use by members of the maintenance
team as required. It is lightweight, making it easy to hold and use, yet
has a rugged construction to provide reliability and longevity in operation."

He continues, "The portable vibration meter provides us with the
means to effectively monitor plant and plan maintenance with minimal
distribution to production."

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October 2002
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