Latest generation of Low-cost OEM Acclerometers.

The latest generation of accelerometers specifically
designed to augment the performance, reliability and
operating life of industrial equipment through cost-effective
vibration and condition monitoring.

Based on the proven sensor technology of the 1100 Series, the
latest generation of accelerometers feature an even greater degree
of functionality, combined with improved performance, to help
engineers identify potential problems quickly and easily. This
allows for service costs to be cut and output to be increased as
maintenance schedules can be planned well in advance, keeping
downtime to a minimum.

The inherent flexibility of the 1100 Series means the range
is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications including
paper machinery, pumps, compressors, fans, air handling units,
oil, petrochemical and mining. The 1100 range also features
OEM, intrinsically safe, and low-profile versions, with optional top
and side cable entry capability for applications such as machine
tools where access is often restricted.
Stainless-steel construction and IP67 sealing further contribute to
the range's suitability for industrial applications, providing excellent
frequency response of 2Hz to 8kHz ± 10% (3dB at 0.8Hz), superb
repeatability, and 100mV/g ± 10% sensitivity for high accuracy in
even the most demanding environments. 

New technical features of the 1100 Series include internal
screening to eliminate the effects of radio frequency and
electromagnetic interference as well as internal voltage surge
protection, making the range particularly suitable for machine
applications where power spikes are a concern.  

Available with various mounts and a choice of connector assemblies
including standard industry connectors, the 1100 range is
easy to install and set-up.

In essence, the wide range of new features and benefits associated
with the 1100 Series means OEMs can add extra value to the
products they manufacture, while end-users benefit from accurate,
cost-effective and hassle-free vibration monitoring.

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October 2002
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