The latest range of submersible accelerometers.
Designed for installation at depths of up to 100 metres,
the submersible accelerometers are ideally suited to
installation on pumps, both in industrial applications
and in the water industry in boreholes and remote
pumping stations, where accuracy, longevity and a
virtually maintenance free life are key. 

 Providing accurate vibration monitoring of pump impellers and
rotating shafts, the submersible accelerometer range
provides engineers and maintenance technicians with a cost
effective route to predicting pump faults and taking corrective
action before failure. 

 All products in the range are sealed to IP68 and are designed
to maintain accurate and effective operation at high pressures.
 With frequency responses of up to 8kHz and a measurement
range of 50g, the submersible accelerometers are available
with either 4-20mA or AC outputs enabling the output to be read
by a PLC or data collector. 

These accelerometers are the result of an ongoing product
development programme, designed to bring the most effective
condition monitoring solutions to a wide variety of industries.
Vibration is one of the most effective methods of assessing the
operational status of submersed  pumps. 

To enhance system performance still further, the 
submersible accelerometer range is available with a range
of options, including the 3000 series switch box that
enables the accelerometer to be hardwired back to an easily
accessible location for data collection.  Furthermore, a range
of connectors, filters and bespoke housings are available to
ensure maximum flexibility and suitability for a wide range of

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January 2003
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