Just launched is the latest IS family of intrinsically
safe accelerometers, or vibration sensors, for use in a
wide range of applications in Group I and Group II
hazardous areas.

The new accelerometers incorporate a number of features
that will help end users in the petrochemical, quarrying and
mining industries improve the reliability, performance and
safety of operating equipment.

The latest IS family of products has full ATEX and EEx approval,
is constructed throughout from stainless steel and is sealed to IP67.
In addition, each accelerometer uses proven Monitran sensor technology,
to ensure a long and stable operating life, and has been designed
so that it is simple to install, set up and use, without the need for
recalibration or regular maintenance.

Perhaps as importantly, the 1185IC has a 4-20mA output and can
be interfaced easily with standard data collection devices,
enabling it to be used in real-time alarm and monitoring systems.
 By comparison, the 1107IC and 1100IC can be interfaced
through conventional safety barrier systems and are supplied
with a choice of mounting, connector and cable options; the
latter, for example, includes high temperature resistant stainless
steel over-braided PTFE.

Typical applications for the IS accelerometers include the
measurement of acceleration, velocity and bearing condition
in a wide range of equipment, including pumps, fans, motors
and gearboxes on compressors, boring and conveying equipment,
earth moving machinery and offshore drilling rigs. 

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January 2003
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