New multi-output Vibration Sensor gives choice of 3 signals.

The new 1181 series vibration sensor has
been designed to meet the requirements of building
service managers who are increasingly using vibration
monitoring systems to help provide trouble-free utility
services for their workplace.

The 1181 sensor contains integral circuitry to provide three
different vibration signal outputs as used by maintenance engineers.

These include a RMS velocity output (ISO 10816-1) of 0-10 Volt dc
covering a typical range of 0 to 25mm/sec, a 0-10 Volt dc output
proportional to enveloped g range which can be conveniently
connected direct to a PLC and, thirdly, an AC acceleration buffered
output as 10mV/g typical with a frequency response of 2Hz to 10kHz.

Built to withstand the operating conditions of building services
environments where heating, ventilation, air conditioning and other
utility generation is in action, the sensor is robustly constructed in
a welded stainless steel housing with protection to IP65 and a
choice of sealed cable or connector for electrical output. It operates
over a temperature range of 0°C to +80°C.

The sensor's integral circuitry eliminates the need for external electronic
modules making the 1181 an attractively priced and competitive

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March 2003
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