New submersible industrial accelerometer goes to any depth.

The new 1100QW just released is a compact
industrial accelerometer which can operate completely
submerged to a depth of 100 metres making it ideal for
 vibration monitoring of underwater pumps, roll bearings
in the continuously wet conditions of paper mills and
applications where rotating machinery is experiencing
outdoor weather conditions.

The new vibration sensor is much smaller than previous models
being a considerable 45% less in size and weighing just 120 grams,
30 grams lighter than before. These reductions allow the
1100QW to be used in more confined spaces.

More and more crucial process and production plant is being
monitored for increasing vibration level trends which helps the
maintenance engineer predict and control when machine
components can be serviced or replaced at the most convenient

The 1100QW accelerometer uses proven piezoelectric
technology and is housed in a welded stainless steel body for
robustness and is sealed to IP68 allowing submerged use up
to 100 metres depth.

It measures over ±50g with a frequency response range from
2 Hz. to 10 kHz. offering a standard sensitivity of 100mV/g and
operation at temperatures from -25 to 90ºC.

The accelerometer has a standard thread for mounting purposes
but can also be used with a series of adaptors and studs offering
a wide choice of thread types and fixing methods, including the
popular 'Quick Fit' fitting for ease of use.

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May 2003
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