New Vibration Sensors meet new ATEX Directive.

A new family of intrinsically safe vibration
sensors meet with the latest ATEX European Directive
94/9/EC100a for hazardous areas, which becomes
mandatory on July 1st 2003. The directive encompasses
products intended for use in hazardous areas, whilst
also giving free movement of goods within the EU. 

The new range allows engineers to monitor vibration levels of
pumps, fans, motors, drilling rigs and all types of rotating machinery
which are in potentially explosive operating conditions. This covers
environments of inflammable gases, fumes, chemicals, powders,
dust, etc. found in industries such as mining, offshore drilling,
petrochemical, quarrying.

Each unit has full ATEC and Eex certification and like most 
vibration sensors is robustly constructed throughout in stainless
steel, welded and sealed to IP67. This, together with the high
temperature resistant and stainless steel over braided cable
ensures that the sensors offer reliability, optimum performance
and long service in tough operating conditions.

The models 1100IC and 1107IC can be used directly with most
commercially available intrinsically safe data collectors or
interfaced through standard barrier equipment, whilst model1185IC
has a 4-20mA output ideal for real-time alarm and monitoring

Depending on the chosen model, frequency responses of 0.8Hz
to 12kHz are available with operating temperature ranges
covering a maximum of -55 to 140ºC. All models offer a choice
of mounting threads and the popular 'Quick-Fit' options for fast
fitting of the sensors.

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July 2003
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