New 4-20mA Eddy Current Probe.

A 4-2OmA eddy current probe that enables operators to feed
sensor information directly into PLC, SCADA or bespoke proprietary
control systems.

The new eddy current probe is ideal for measuring distances on static and
rotating machines in a wide range of applications, providing a valuable assessment
of the radial vibration, axial thrust, speed and tolerances of rotating machinery.

The new eddy current probe offers highly accurate, non-contact measurement,
with the ability to operate at a distance of up to 20mm from its target, which provides
operators with the flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of applications. In common
with all the probes in Monitran’s eddy current range, the new unit can operate in
temperatures ranging from -30°C to +180°C, with a sensitivity of ± 5% at 120°C.

The new probe has a simple but resilient stainless steel construction and probe
tips are encapsulated to prevent the ingress of oil and water. Consequently,
accuracy is maintained and the need for maintenance or replacement procedures
is minimised, even in harsh operating conditions.

The probe is available in four model types covering measurement ranges from
0 to 2mm to 0 to 20mm and in a choice of either flange mounting or threaded
bodies. A range of optional accessories, including probe holders, extension
cables and driver housings are available to facilitate their use in machine
condition monitoring appIications.


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June 2000