New Vibration Sensors for the Automotive Industry.

For engineers involved in automotive and autosport
engineering projects in development, production and
quality control, two new accelerometers or vibration
sensors are available.

Both the new series 1830 and 1135 sensors offer high frequency
response up to 13kHz., and are compact and low in mass,
weighing around 30 grams. They are constructed in welded
stainless steel housings with overbraided cable and sealed
to IP67 to give ultimate protection in tough operating conditions.

The series 1830 vibration sensor uses a single bolt (M6 or M8)
fixing and weighs just 47 grams, making it ideal for use on vehicles
that are under investigation for vibration measurement and analysis.
It has a frequency response of 0.8 Hz. to 12 kHz. with a measuring
range of 10 or 50g and will operate over a temperature range of -10
to 140°C.

The series 1135 is much smaller, weighing just 30 grams and is
ideal where space is limited. It has a quick-fit type fixing arrangement
which offers a mounting choice of a M6 threaded or an adhesive stud.
It has a slightly wider frequency response range at 0.5 Hz. to 13 kHz.
and a measuring range of 50 or 100g, operating over a temperature
range of -25 to 140°C.

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October 2003

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