Eddy current probe driver has 4-20mA
output for direct PLC interface.

The latest ECPD-2 series driver for use with
their range of inductive eddy current proximity probes
has a 2 wire 4-20mA output which will interface directly
with PLCs.

Eddy current probes are used extensively in industry to monitor
rotating shaft alignment on such equipment as pumps, turbines,
centrifuges, etc.

The probe is positioned without making contact with the shaft
but near enough to measure the gap. Any wear in bearings or
other misalignment will be seen by the probe whose output will
change in proportion. This output is applied to the ECPD-2
where it is conditioned and converted to a 4-20mA signal for
direct interface into a PLC. The PLC can then be used to initiate
alarms or control or stop the machinery in order to avoid danger
or prevent damage to personnel or plant equipment.

The eddy current probes are constructed in stainless steel with
overbraided cable for operation in tough conditions and connect
to the driver via a SMC miniature coaxial connector. An alternate
version, the EPHD080, is also available where the complete
system of probe and driver are onstructed as one unit. Electrical
connection is by screw terminals for the 24VDC input and the
4-20mA output operating on a 2 wire loop-powered circuit.

The driver has a linearity of 1% nominal, a frequency range of
5Hz to 1kHz  and can be matched to all other Monitran probes
to give a choice of probe style and differing measurement ranges
from 0-2mm up to 12mm.

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November 2003
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