New compact vibration modules are DIN rail mounted.

Recently launched are two new DIN rail mounted vibration modules designed for use with their extensive range of accelerometers to provide power to the sensor and also condition the output signal in differing ways.

Two new modules are available, the 8006 and the 8065. 8006 powers the accelerometer with 24Vdc at 40mA and accepts the constant current signal. This signal can be integrated, filtered and converted to a 4-20mA current proportional to velocity, or a standard acceleration output.

8065 also powers the sensor with 24vdc and accepts a constant current signal but is different from the 8006 in that it provides a choice of three outputs as follows...

Output 1 - 0-10 VDC proportional to RMS velocity. The velocity range is typically 0-20mm/sec with a frequency range of 10 Hz to 1kHz (-3dB), filtered by two-pole Butterworth type 12dB.octave.

Output 2 - 0-10 VDC proportional to enveloped 'g'. The range is typically 0-10g with a input frequency range of 3 kHz to 6 kHz, again using two pole Butterworth type 12 dB/octave.

Output 3 - A raw AC output of typically 100mV/g with a frequency range of 2 Hz o 10 kHz (-3dB).

Both modules are housed in a compact enclosures measuring as small 62 x 65 x 11mm and being DIN rail mounted are ideal for easy installation into junction boxes, control boxes, etc.

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May 2004

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