Low profile Vibration Sensor looks after spindles.

A spindle is a motor-driven or motorised precision
shaft that both positions and transmits power to a
tool or holds a work piece.

They are a key component in all machine tools in the manufacturing
processes of turning, cutting, drilling, counter-sinking, tapping,
reaming, grinding and milling. Spindles can operate at speeds
of 20,000 rpm or more and have a direct impact on efficiency,
accuracy and overall productivity.

In order to keep the spindle operating at its optimum performance,
it is usually monitored by sensors for vibration, speed and temperature
variations. Any change in operating patterns can then be detected,
allowing corrective work to be carried out so avoiding costly machine
down-time or failure.

With its low profile allowing it to be used where access is limited,
the latest 830 vibration sensor is ideal for spindle monitoring.
The single stud fixing allows for easy mounting of the sensor.

Constructed in stainless steel and sealed to IP67, these vibration
sensors provide an excellent frequency response of 0.8Hz to
12kHz ±5%, superb repeatability, and 100mV/g ±10% sensitivity
for high accuracy in even the most demanding environments.

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July 2004

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