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Montec Appoints UK Distributor for Wireless Crack Monitor

South Survey Ltd agrees distribution deal for the Montec Crack Monitor System

Montec Systems has appointed Lancashire based South Survey Ltd as a UK distributor for its remote crack monitoring technology. The agreement enables South Survey to supply and provide technical support for Montec's wireless system that detects the movement of cracks in brick and concrete structures such as building and bridges.

South Survey is a respected supplier to the UK surveying and construction industry and expert in measurement and monitoring technology relating to this sector.

Montec Crack Monitor is a simple and effective crack monitoring solution for all brick and masonry structures, including buildings, bridges, dams, and monuments.

"We are very pleased to be including the Montec systems within our product portfolio," said Tony Hargan "We have been very impressed with the thought that has gone into its design. It's an impressive system for customers looking to remotely monitor the movement of cracks. It's easy to install and use, and it provides excellent data."

Key to the Montec system is new magnetic sensor technology that can detect movement in cracks, both in terms of width and shear. This wireless enabled sensor is then able to report the data via the mobile phone network to a web-based data server. Users can then access crack movement data in real time from any web browser.

Designed to be easy to install, weatherproof, reliable and accurate, the Montec Crack Monitor has been several years in development and has been subjected to a number of trials. Using a patented magnetic technology, the sensor is able to detect and report crack movement at regular intervals, along with temperature, battery life and signal strength.

Ben Harker, founder of Montec Systems said, "Our ambition was to develop an accurate and reliable system that was easy to use and install, a system capable of becoming an industry standard. We feel confident that we have achieved this goal and we are very pleased to have a company such as South Survey to help us bring this technology to the marketplace."

Up to eight Montec Crack Monitors can transmit data via a single Montec Base Station to a centralised data server where it can be viewed in real time and downloaded in various report formats using a web browser. This approach enables true continuous monitoring of an asset and access to quality data for analysis.

Ben added, "We have built a lot of intelligence into the reporting side of the system, such as the ability to configure email alerts if values exceed certain limits."

For the fixing of the actual sensor, Montec Systems has developed a method using an advanced modern adhesive. Through the use of a template, Crack Monitors with their associated magnets can be fixed in a matter of minutes. This achieves a significant time saving over traditional methods of fixing such devices.

The Montec Crack Monitor is only the first sensor to be developed for use with Montec's remote monitoring system. A Montec Base Station can handle multiple sensor types, enabling data to be gathered from any type of sensor that has been designed to integrate with the system. This flexibility means that new sensor types can be added to the system to meet customer requirements. Other sensors under development will monitor dust, sound, and vibration - the vibration sensor is fully developed and undergoing testing.

About Montec Systems
Montec Systems Ltd is a UK based technology company focused on the design and production of innovative solutions in the field of remote monitoring.
Montec Systems is currently supported by 'Accelerate Cambridge', a start-up accelerator programme established by Cambridge Judge Business School, part of the University of Cambridge.

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December 2014

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