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 NetSensors Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS
Compact Differential Pressure Sensors in oil and gas exploration. The NE74 differential pressure sensors from NetSensors Limited are extremely rugged with all stainless steel construction making them ideal for the harsh environment found in the oil and gas exploration industries. They use the well proven variable reluctance technique with its high stability and reliability (100,000 hours MTBF) and offer true wet/wet differential measurement with twelve pressure ranges from ±150mbar up to ±100bar and capable of operating at line pressures in excess of 1400bar. Together with its operating temperature range of -45 to +200°C and insensitivity to shock and vibration, the NE74 suits applications in down-hole, subsea and in-pipeline instrumentation for the measurement of low pressure differences, flow, density and fluid balance. To offer versatility in use, the NE74 is available in various forms, the standards being as a capsule (NE74) for OEM customer adaption and a compact cylindrical design (NE74-01 Series) with threaded pressure connections. NetSensors experienced engineers offer full technical assistance in selecting and applying the correct sensor to fit the application. ________________________________________________

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NetSensors Ltd.
Tel: +44 (0)1635 868680

January 2006
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