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 Narrow Web, Low Tension Transducer
 with precision accuracy.

Nobel Systems Ltd. announces the introduction of a new narrow web, low-tension transducer for use in web tension applications. This cantilever mounted transducer is designed to measure single strand or narrow web tension in any moving web material that requires low force measurement with high accuracy over a wide range of operating tensions. The material can for example be cable, paper, plastic, film, foil, tape, wire, labels or filaments. Precision accuracy and long term reliability are assured through the LTT differential bending beam design and the installation of strain gauges connected into a full Wheatstone bridge configuration. Each unit is temperature compensated and factory calibrated to permit on-site push-button calibration and eliminate the need for on-site test weights. Accurate tension signals are provided when small wrap angles, high roll weight-totension force ratios, and wide ranges of operating tension are used. This means that this low-tension transducer is not limited by difficult applications. FM approved for intrinsically safe use the LIT is compact in size and with high overload capability. It is available with a roller for narrow webs of up to four inches wide ora standard pulley can be used for wire/filament applications. Its design also allows for the installation of customer-supplied rollers or pulleys. ___________________________________________________ For further in formation please contact: David Viney Nobel Systems Ltd. Tel +44(0) 1234 220800 Fax +44(0) 1234 325387 e-mail: info@nobelsystems. co. uk November 2000