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 New Web Tension Measurement
 Module with low profile.
The HTK web tension measurement module from Nobel Systems Ltd, is designed to measure vertical forces in either direction and to be mounted directly below roller pillow blocks in new or existing installations. Each module, which is perfect for 180-degree wrap applications, includes an integral top and bottom adapter plate with hole mounting arrangements for typical installations on machines used in the printing, plastic and converting industries. The design also provides safety stop installation points at each corner. The transducer and mounting hardware components are 100% stainless steel for use in harsh, industrial environments. Module sealing meets NEMA4 and 1P67 requirements. An integral cable conduit fitting and epoxy-sealed strain gauges ensure long-term reliability in wet or washdown locations. A full Wheatstone bridge array of temperature compensated foil SR4 strain gauges are bonded to the 'I' beam type sensing section and are factory calibrated for precision accuracy. The resulting temperature stability is due to the expansion coefficient of the sensing section matching closely to the patented gauges. The space required below the pillow block bearing is minimal, which results in negligible line profile changes in retrofit installations. Overall module height is only 83mm (3.27 inches). Low profile, along with rated capacities of 1, 2 and 5 kN, permit direct replacement of other loadcell types. The modules are calibrated and certified with matched output signals to permit on-site, pushbutton system calibration. The overload ratings expressed as a percentage of rated capacity are, safe load 150, ultimate load 300, safe sideload 100 and ultimate sideload 200. Approvals are FM (Factory Mutual) 3611 (Class I, II, Ill; Div. I, 2) and CSA C22.2 (Class I, II, Ill; Div. I, 2). _______________________________________________ For further information please contact: Nobel Systems Ltd. Tel: +44(0) 1234 220800 Fax +44(0) 1234 325387 Email: uk December 2000