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The FTS3 - A Direct Reading mV/V Load Cell Indicator

The FTS3 indicator from Nobel Systems Ltd is the ultimate
in digital signal conditioning instrumentation for load cell force
transfer standards and force measurement to European standards
for calibration verification.

The indicator may be used as paIt of a force transfer standard system,
permanently connected to the load cell with which it is calibrated or as
an individually calibrated mV/V or µV/V indicator with any load cell with
independent mVN calibration. It replaces the conventional high accuracy
voltmeter, power supply and switch box combination.

With a display resolution of up to 700,000 divisions, it is a self-contained
direct mV/V or µV/V unit that provides load cell excitation and signal
conditioning in one convenient portable unit. Microprocessor-based,
this digital instrument offers the highest level of accuracy and versatility
with full computer communications capabilities, utilising the two standard
communications ports RS232 and RS485. MODBUS RTU protocol
allows the unit to communicate with most PCs and PLC's on the market.
A PC-based DELTACOM software package is available to set-up and
test the communications.

To ensure system integrity, the indicator has numerous self-checking
facilities as well as manual checks. An error message is displayed if
any fault is detected.

For maximum stability, the mV signal is converted directly into a digital
signal using a unique V/F converter. This technique avoids any of the
temperature drift and instability problems associated with even the best
A/D converters.

The transducer signal is referenced to the returning sense voltage to
provide the input to the microprocessor that is independent of any
variation of the excitation voltage. This six-wire voltage sensing system
can be used in long cable systems to ensure compensation is provided
for all the voltage losses in the cable by measuring the actual excitation
voltage at the load cell.

Resolution is better than 0.1 µV (0.01 µV/V) up to a value of 7mV/V.

A number of enclosure options are available to cater for most applications
and a custom packaging service is available for those that do not.

Available as standard in a table top case version, options include a
rugged flight case version, remote hold button, printer and custom-made
load cell cable assemblies.

For further information please contact:

Nobel Systems Ltd.
Tel: +44(0) 1234 220800
Fax +44(0) 1234 325387
Email: uk
January 2001

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