Novatech Measurements Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS

 F305 Seat Belt Tension Load Cell

The F305 is a high performance loadcell for measuring
seat belt tension forces. Its geometry was created by
computer program to generate an optimal design with
minimal mass, material usage, stress and deflection.

The knurled beams can easily be removed by hand allowing
fitting to a seat belt while it is anchored at both ends.

With a mass (without cable) of 50g this is the lightest loadcell of its
kind on the market.  The range of this all titanium unit is to 16kN or

It is available for belt widths of 50mm and 75mm.

Performance figures have been authenticated by MIRA to typically 2%,
these can of course vary with belt type.  Novatech Measurements can
carry out a five point calibration using a two metre sample of customer
supplied belt to reduce application errors.

The design can be readily modified to customer's specific requirements.


October 2000