Two new Load Cells from Novatech

Novatech Measurements Ltd have launched two new products.
One, the F306, is an addition to their standard loadcell range,
the other, the F310, an example of their expertise in developing
new loadcells for customer's very specific applications.

F306 disc loadcell
The F306 is a low profile disc loadcell for use in force measurement
The key features are:
Standard ranges from 5kg to 1tonne
Very low profile - 8mm high.
Easy installation.
High stiffness.
Through centre hole.
Tensile applications are 'fail-safe'.
Designed for compressive force measurement, tensile load transfer
can be achieved via a tie rod assembly through the centre hole.
In this way the loadcell can indirectly measure tensile loads.

F310 2 axis loadcell
The F310 measures axial force and torque about the same axis.
An OEM customer producing texture analysis machines, predominately
for the food industry, drove the development of this loadcell.
In this application, the F310 will replace a less accurate system
employing two single axis loadcells and a mechanical linkage system,
which is expensive and problematic.

The current design measures 50 N axial combined with 2 Nm torque
about the same axis, with worse case cross talk uncertainty of 0.5%.

April 2001

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