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Axis Verification Rig Under Construction.

Traditional, mutually exclusive, single axis calibration of 3 axis loadcells does not allow for the effect of structural changes due to 3 axis force influences.

Our new 'prism' frame verification rig, currently under construction, with bi-hydraulic actuators in x,y and z axis, produces 3 axis force vectors with uncertainties one tier below our calibration standards. The resultant force vector direction can be determined by arrangement of the component force vector ratios. This obviates 'angular' errors associated with mechanically arranged vectors.

The rig uses 3 off simultaneously controlled bi-directional hydraulic rams with in line axial loadcells (our model F256) limited to ± 20 kN.

For those exotic bespoke multi axis designs we will be able to complete 'cross talk' correction matrices. (Our user friendly F307 and F233 have simple pure outputs requiring no mathematical manipulation). Although one tier below our calibration standards, classed as a verification rig, correction matrices do not require absolute accuracy beyond our verification standard.

Planned completion is November 2002

For more infromation, please contact:

NovaTech Measurements Ltd.
83 Castleham Road, St Leonards on Sea TN38 9NT
Tel: +44(0)1424 852744
Fax: +44(0)1424 853002

October 2002

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