Novatech Measurements Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS

Through Zero Co-Linear Load Cell - Smart Award 

Novatech Measurements has been given the DTI Smart Award
for research and development of a design principle whereby
'through zero shift ' is eliminated when loadcells are reversed
loaded. 'Through zero drift' is minute and in most applications
is insignificant to the end user.

However, material and precision structure test laboratories are
looking for material or mechanical effects to a degree of
resolution whereby 'through zero shift' can be confused with
mechanical play (backlash) or hysteresis. Novatech have built
a combination deadweight and hydraulic transfer rig which
enables full reverse loading of a specimen loadcell under
calibration without the need to disturb the loadcell fixings.

A 'through zero' co-linear loadcell design is due for test this
Summer and is subject of an international patent application.

October 2002
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