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Novatech's revolutionary Hand Brake Loadcell design.

Measuring forces in mechanical systems where forces are aligned and transmitted through engineered structures is a relatively simple matter compared to measuring forces generated by human body part interactions where ergonomic aspects play havoc with the arrangement of force transmission.

Investigations into handbrake operation efficiency and ergonomic forces require the actual force applied by a hand to the handbrake lever to be measured. The force applied varies with size of occupant, seating position and handbrake mechanism adjustment.

The loadcell design had to take into account :

1. Uneven force distribution over a typical four finger grip.

2. Variation in force centre position with lever movement.

3. Non intrusive dimensions for adaptation of handbrake lever.

4. The ability to minimise the effect of the resultant force vector changing in direction relative to the handle by inbuilt extraneous force immunity, maintaining force measurement in the normal axis only.

By designing a handgrip shroud the force transmission is routed either side of two shear sensing elements which are arranged to sum the reaction in total.

Due to summation and the shear sensing element immunity to moment and extraneous forces the normal reaction is measured accurately despite ergonomic induced variation in how the force is applied.

The loadcell has been incorporated into the handbrake lever for R & D investigation and also used as a production tool where a moulding has been produced which fits over the production car's hand grip.

Typical performance:

Rated load 1600 N

Extraneous forces < 0.5% AL

Linearity < 0.03% RL

Hysteresis < 0.03% RL

For more infromation, please contact:

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December 2002

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