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Novatech's Static Torque Transducer

Earlier this year, we officially launched the F311 Static Torque Transducer and already we are pushing forward the boundaries of what we originally thought possible.

We have recently manufactured two F311-Z3075 Static Torque Transducers with a very low torque range :- 10mNm (milli Newton metres) to be exact ! The low torque range was due to the specific application which is to measure the torque reaction within an automotive instrumentation dynamometer. This low torque range was made possible by a clever double bending beam sensing element.

This enables us to achieve a high enough strain level and hence signal from such a very low torque. This design also has very good EFI (Extraneous Force Immunity). The Static Torque Transducer is mounted to “earth” via the three fixings in the outer ring, with the torque being transmitted though the centre boss.

The performance of the Transducer exceeded our expectations in many respects. The customer's fittings within the dynamometer exerted a radial side load of 7g on the loadcell. This may sound small but when you think 10mNm is roughly equal to 20g on a 50mm moment arm, you can see the scale involved. However, the loadcells excellent EFI characteristics helped it achieve an error of only 0.026% RT from the 7g side load ! The overall performance was also very good with a typical non-linearity of 0.036% RT.

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February 2003

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