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Novatech's New 2 Axis Loadcell. Ranges ±200kg to ±1tonne (±2kN to ±10kN). Low cross talk. Custom force ranges. Simple installation. Direct output from each axis without calculation. Standard 2 year warranty The F314 measures forces in two axes at 90°. Apart from error evaluations, each output is pure and requires no mathematical manipulation. The loadcell is ideally suited to many industrial and scientific applications, including automotive research. The integral spherical bearing removes the possibility of applying moments to the loadcell. If rigid fixings are required and moments are present, the performance specification may be affected and our engineering department would be happy to evaluate performance changes. The loadcell can be manufactured with force ranges to suit the application. Please consult our engineering department about the viability of the required ranges. We are happy to design variants of this loadcell to meet your specific requirements. Versions can be manufactured for higher temperature operation. _____________________________________________ February 2003
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