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SD039 Integral Loadmeter

The latest addition to our instrumentation range is a small loadmeter that is designed for mounting in modified strain gauge loadcells. It has a five digit 8mm LED display for easy reading in poor light conditions.

The loadmeter has push button tare and peak hold functions. When it is calibrated the update rate can be set to one of eight values to give some signal filtering to improve the display stability.

Bridge resistances of 350 Ohms to 5000 Ohms are suitable with outputs up to ±7mV/V. The loadmeter is fully bi-polar. Battery life with a typical PP3 battery is approximately 10 hours, this is affected by the loadcell bridge resistance.

The SD039 loadmeter is constructed on a single PCB and can be built into many of our larger loadcell types. If you have a project that requires a loadmeter to be mounted in a loadcell please consult our engineering department to discuss the possibilities.

The SD039 data-sheet can be found at

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November 2016

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