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Loadcells For Cryogenic Applications

Novatech is pleased to announce a further addition to its already impressive and ever growing list of capabilities. Following independent testing at NASA's Glenn Research Center [sic], Novatech loadcells have been put through their paces at temperatures down to 40°K (-233.15°C).

With a build specification capable of withstanding -269°C to +150°C, Novatech's loadcells for cryogenic applications share many traits with the already popular vacuum compatible loadcell variants on offer.

Material selections and production processes are carefully vetted to ensure a reliable end product which can also be 'baked-out' to reduce contaminants prior to installation.

Unlike the high temperature offerings using Novatech's patented modulus compensation techniques these low temperature loadcells are not modulus compensated in any way. There are also no additional components used to trim the overall zero balance. These loadcells are designed to be zeroed at the working temperature and used in applications where the cryogenic temperatures remain fairly constant or a compensation curve has been formed and applied.

If you need a loadcell for a cryogenic application our engineering department will be happy to discuss your requirements.

For more infromation, please contact:

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May 2017

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