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Novotechnik's new RFC 4000 Series rotary sensors combine touchless technology and small form factor. The sensor's touchless technology utilizes the orientation of a magnetic field in order to determine measurement angle. This makes the sensor ideal for applications that require mounting flexibility or transmissive measurements through air or non-magnetic materials. RFC 4000 Series is 7mm thin with a thumbprint of about one square inch.

The two-part design of the RFC 4000 Series - a sensor and its magnetic position marker - offer unlimited mechanical life. The RFC Series position marker mounts on a rotary shaft, a distance from the detecting sensor component, and the magnetic field orientation is captured using an integrated circuit. An analog output signal represents the calculated angle and is repeatable to ± 1 LSB.

Specifications include programmable electrical range to 360°, resolution to 12-bits, independent linearity to less than ±0.3%, and an unlimited mechanical lifetime. Dust, dirt and moisture have no affect on the sensor, as it is sealed to IP 67. The RFC 4000 is available with either fixed-pcb-pins or lead wires. The cost of the RFC 4000 Series starts at $17 in 1,000 piece quantities.

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October 2008

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