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Temperature measurement & control system.

The new OMEGA® iR2(tm) is an ultra high performance
temperature measurement and control system designed
for difficult and demanding applications in semiconductor

The OMEGA iR2 uses a 2-color ratio technique for
precise measurement and control of temperatures from 300C to
3000C, even when it's measuring a small, moving target with
changing emissivity viewed from outside a window.

The OMEGA iR2 comes complete with a compact lens and
flexible fiber optic cable, and features unique through-the-lens
laser sighting for precise focus and alignment. The unit also,
features full PID control output, and a choice of networking
options including Ethernet and serial communications.


For more information, please contact :-
Omega Engineering Ltd.
Tel: +44(0)161 777 2211  Fax: +44(0)161 777 6622

June 2002

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