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Economical Thermocouple Scanner/Meter. The DP1000 series is an economical thermocouple scanner/meter that handles all the common temperature display applications with simplicity, reliability, accuracy and ease. The DP1000 series is a general purpose meter/scanner offering reliable service at a low price. The new Digital Panel Meters and Scanners are factory calibrated to accept the three most common thermocouples (types J, K and T). Setup and programming is jumper-free, featuring straight-forward push buttons that allow you to input any parameter from the front panel. The series has a bright, 3-1/2 digit LED display to inform you of process temperature at all times. On alarm models deviations from target temperature are easy to evaluate since the setpoint is also shown on the front panel. We offer a 6 channel monitor/alarm with RS232 and a 10 channel temperature scanner. Price Starts at £131. (For 10 channel 1/4 DIN manual scanner) For more information, go to the OMEGA Engineering Inc. web site at SHOP ON-LINE AT __________________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Omega Engineering Ltd. Tel: +44(0)161 777 2211 Fax: +44(0)161 777 6622 Email: Website: March 2003

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