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ELC Series Process Logic Controllers.

Omega's automation product range now includes the New ELC series DIN rail mount mini Programmable Logic Controllers. With exceptional price and performance levels this module selectable PLC provides a "just right" concept for delivering only what you want for the price you desire.

Features include:
* High speed pulse capture and high speed pulse output
* Expandable to 256 I/O
* DeviceNet and Profibus Network access available
* Wide range of digital I/O modules: AC/DC in, relay/transistor out
* Modules for analogue in, out, combined, thermocouple, Pt100
* Over 200 instructions to choose from
* 2 Modbus (ASCII or RTU) serial ports: 1 slave only, 1 master/slave

A fully functioning PLC with 8 digital DC inputs and 6 relay or transistor outputs costs just £62. Windows programming software is £66 and a PC cable £10.75, so a complete start up system can be purchased for less than £139!

Contact Omega for our latest Handbook featuring this and many more Automation products.


For more information, please contact :-

Omega Engineering Ltd.
One Omega Drive, River Bend Technology Centre, Northbank, Irlam,
Manchester, M44 5BD, UK
0800 488 488 ( UK only)
Tel: +44(0)161 777 2211
Fax: +44(0)161 777 6622

July 2008

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