Reliable temperature measurement during heat treatment of metals

Presentation of portable and stationary infrared thermometers of Optris GmbH at HK 2011

Optris GmbH is already attending the Kolloquium für Wärmebehandlung, Werkstofftechnik, Fertigungs- und Verfahrenstechnik (HK 2011 - colloquium for heat treatment and materials, manufacturing and process engineering) in Wiesbaden, Germany to present its innovative temperature measurement devices for stationary and mobile applications. The industrial thermometers, thermal imaging cameras as well as practical application examples will be represented in hall 2, booth 214.

Optris offers the short-wave measuring IR thermometers with the wavelength identifier 1M, 2M and 3M for precise non-contact temperature measurement.
Due to the innovative, stationary 3M devices with a starting temperature of 50°C, the monitoring of metal and composites can now be achieved at close to room temperature.

Portable pyrometers such as the optris P20 1M / 2M are used e.g. in hardening shops where temperature measurements take place infrequently within performance- and time-based facilities. Should a large number of infrared measurement points be arranged (OEM-usage), the small and affordable stationary devices of the compact series, such as the optris CSmicro 2W 2M, can be used. The optris CSmicro 2W 2M measures temperatures from 385°C up to 1600°C. The display at the seperate electronic serves as a target help for the sensor adjustment as well as to show the condition of the pyrometer (e.g. overheating of the sensor).

A highlight of some of the stationary devices is the seperate electronic box. Therewith the devices can be implemented e.g. close to induction process without the interference of electromagnetic fields. The diverse options of the data output (digital/analog), the easy accessible programming keys as well as the intelligent display at the electronic box allow an easy integration of the devices into existing and proposed facilities.

Optris GmbH
Technology company Optris GmbH is specialized in the development, production and sales of non-contact temperature measurement via infrared. The product range covers portable infrared thermometers, stationary infrared industry thermometer as well as infrared cameras and calibration sources. All pyrometer set new benchmarks for the application at OEM solutions and multiple applications.

For more information, please contact :-

Optris GmbH
Tel: +49 (0)30 / 500 197 21
Web: www.optris.co.uk

September 2011

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