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Infrared thermometer with high precision resolution of 0.025K

Introduction of the innovative optris CSlaser LT hs for the measurement of smallest temperature differences at Sensor & Test 2011

The Optris GmbH enlarges the product programme of its high performance series by the optris CSlaser LT hs on time for this years Sensor & Test. The high-precision measurement principle of the established compact sensor optris CSmicro 2W hs is therewith now available in an even more powerful device.

The optris CSlaser LT hs is used for the measurement of smallest temperature differences starting from 0.025K. An accurate temperature measurement is of great importance for e.g. the inspection of product homogeneity within the semiconductor industry. But the sensor is also used in other branches where temperature is a crucial parameter for the definition of product characteristics.

Like all devices of the high performance series, the optris CSlaser LT hs has an innovative double laser sighting. The two emitters are following the infrared optical path to mark the accurate size and spot of the measuring field at every distance. The smallest measurement field of the infrared thermometer is achieved with a size of 1.4 mm in 70 mm distance.

The infrared thermometer allows temperature measurements from -20°C to 150°C. Besides the common two-wire-interface (4-20 mA current loop) for data transfers, the optris CSlaser LT hs also offers the possibility to transfer digital datas to a PC via an USB-interface. Due to the inclusion of the sensor into the optris CompactConnect software, a complete parameterization of the sensor is possible besides temperature recording.

Optris GmbH
Technology company Optris GmbH is specialized in the development, production and sales of non-contact temperature measurement via infrared. The product range covers portable infrared thermometers, stationary infrared industry thermometer as well as infrared cameras and calibration sources. All pyrometer set new benchmarks for the application at OEM solutions and multiple applications.

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July 2012

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