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British Airways Completes B-747-400 Predictive Monitoring System Order
Inflight Warning Systems Vibration Monitoring Product Features PCB Piezotronics Sensors

Inflight Warning Systems, Inc. (IWS) and the IMI Sensors division of PCB Piezotronics (PCB®) are pleased to announce receipt of a British Airways order which completes the long-term program to incorporate predictive maintenance Vibration Monitors, designed to detect bearing failure in air recirculation fans on commercial aircraft. These monitors, which include the use of PCB® sensors as a key component, have been incorporated into 11 applications aboard major commercial airliners throughout the world.

The IWS vibration monitor provides early detection and prevention of fan failure. By installing monitors onto fans for cabin air recirculation and electrical equipment cooling exhaust, the product provides early warning of wear on fan bearings. Installation of vibration monitors will allow normal fan operation and automatically terminates operation of such fans, when a bearing failure is imminent. Air recirculation and equipment cooling fans have a variant life cycle, depending upon usage. Failure of these fans often results in the interruption of normal flight operations and costly repairs.

Prior industry solutions to address fan bearing failure included establishment of a maximum number of operating hours for the fan, then removal and overhaul. However, this solution was less effective, as a fan’s onboard aircraft operation capacity before catastrophic failure varies widely, depending on number of hours in flight, aircraft type, and conditions, among other factors. With implementation of the IWS vibration monitor, predictive maintenance is more accurately utilized, maximizing performance and minimizing cost of fan operations.

Noted Steve Ehrick, IWS president, "With the help of PCB®, we have been able to develop a cost-effective product solution that serves the needs of the aircraft aftermarket, and ultimately helps improve aircraft safety and performance. The issue of fan bearing failure has significantly impacted the industry in the past few years. Having approached PCB® after referral from another aerospace aftermarket component supplier, we were pleased to find that their high-quality sensors could so significantly contribute to the success of our vibration monitor."

Added Eric Yax, IMI Sensors division manager, "We are pleased to contribute to the success of IWS, as well as to provide a predictive maintenance and vibration monitoring solution for a valued customer in the commercial

June 2007

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