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PCB Piezotronics New ICP™ Pressure Response Microphone offers extended frequency to 20,000 Hz for applications requiring full audible range in confined spaces

May 3, 2007, Depew, NY, USA – PCB Piezotronics (PCB®) a world leader in the design and manufacture of vibration, acoustic, pressure, force, and torque sensors, has introduced Model 377A13, a prepolarized, 1/2" pressure response type microphone, operating from ICPâ sensor power, which offers extended frequency capability to 20k Hz (+ 2 dB). This microphone is designed for applications requiring matching magnitude and phase at any position, to properly measure changes caused by microphone presence in the sound field, such as those required in confined spaces, like small cavities, couplers, or impedance tubes.

Previously, almost all ½" pressure response microphones were limited to a maximum frequency of 10k Hz to 12k Hz, and thus could not be used in applications requiring full audible range. New Model 377A13 has a frequency range of 4 to 20k Hz (+ 2 dB). The maximum linear dynamic range has been increased to 160 dB, with a low noise floor rating of 20 dB(A). It has an operating temperature of -40 to +120 oC.

PCB® carries a full line of prepolarized condenser microphone and preamplifiers. Powered by a 2-20 mA signal conditioner and standard coaxial cables, these modern designs have become popular, due to significant savings in power supplies and cabling, and "ease of use." Prepolarized designs can be used with the same constant current source required for ICPâ accelerometers, allowing microphones to be used alongside accelerometers in the same test, minimizing set-up time. PCB® also offers traditional externally polarized microphones that run from a 200V power supply. For detailed product specifications, drawings or additional information, please visit www.pcb.com.

June 2007

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