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PCB Introduces New Free Field ICP® Array Microphone for NVH Studies, Sound Pressure Mapping, Acoustic Holography and Biomedical Research

PCB Piezotronics (PCB®) has debuted Model 130D22, a combined ICP® free field response pre-polarized array microphone and preamplifier. The microphone is designed for measuring sound pressure levels and frequencies in the audible range, and can be used simultaneously with ICP® accelerometers to simplify test setups.

Model 130D22 also incorporates a SMB connector, which is easy to assemble, provides seamless transition for many data acquisition systems and software set-ups, and saves time when connecting multiple units, such as in a large channel array setup. When used with data acquisition systems that have 2-20 mA constant current supply, the system does not require additional power supplies. The unit has high sensitivity (45 mV/Pa), uses standard low-cost coaxial cables, and also has optional TEDS capability, which allows for ease of use, and traceability.

This acoustic test product is ideal for array set-ups (2 D Pressure Mapping, Holography); trending and frequency analysis; predictive maintenance on machinery fans, bearings and other industrial applications; white goods testing; NVH studies for automotive and aerospace,; large channel count tests; biomedical research; or general acoustic testing, where a Type 1 compliant microphone is not justifiable and the customer requires a lower cost alternative.

August 2007

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