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PCB Piezotronics, a world leader in vibration, acoustic, pressure, force and torque sensors, has launched an ultra-miniature triaxial accelerometer that is capable of measuring vibration on the smallest and lightest of structures and can operate in high temperature environments up to 163°C.

Weighing just 1 gram and housed in a 6.3mm cube, the HT356A01 is ideal for measuring shock and vibration on electrical components such as printed circuit boards and hard disk drives, lightweight automotive systems such as castings and pipes, wind tunnel testing of aerospace scale models and biomedical applications.

HALT, HASS and ESS testing can be run up to higher temperatures than a standard ICP® or IEPE sensor. Cased in titanium and hermetically sealed, the HT356A01 offers excellent durability allowing it to be used in harsh environments. The sensor can be adhesively mounted in even the tightest of spaces while the industry leading resonant frequency of >50kHz means that engineers can test up to high frequencies with a high degree of confidence.

The sensor is supplied complete with an integral 1.5m low noise cable terminated in a 4-pin connector for direct connection to suitable instrumentation or the supplied 1.5m extension cable to three BNC plugs.
Principal performance specifications of the HT356A01 sensor include sensitivity of 5mV/g (±20%), measurement range of 1,000g peak, frequency range from 2Hz to 8kHz (±5%) on y or z axes, 2Hz to 5kHz (±5%) on x axis and shock limit of 10,000g.

All standard PCB sensors are supplied with Lifetime Warranty Plus and are also covered by the company's Guarantee of Total Customer Satisfaction.

August 2010

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