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PCB Piezotronics, a world leader in vibration, acoustic, pressure, force and torque sensors, has launched a new range of low cost miniature accelerometers that can be embedded into a wide variety of high volume and commercial applications such as shock and impact detection of circuit boards or components.

The new 660 series offers high specification measurements from a low cost accelerometer housed in a flexible industry-standard package. The unique sensors are housed in TO-5 or TO-8 transistor cans to give the end-user a choice of installing the sensor directly onto a printed circuit board (PCB) or to use via flying leads embedded into a system.

With low initial costs and multiple price breaks for volume orders, the 660 series offers an ideal solution for manufacturers wishing to incorporate high specification vibration measurements into their products. The range includes a choice of charge mode, ICP® and voltage mode outputs with an optional four-wire device with temperature output.

Covering frequency ranges from 0.4 to 10kHz (±3dB) and amplitude levels up to 500g, the 660 series offers a solution for a wide array of applications. For example, the 660 series can be embedded into wheel bearings to detect trends of increasing vibration which warns operators of impending bearing failure so that replacements can be installed at a convenient time rather than waiting for a catastrophic failure leading to unnecessary downtime for an entire machine or system. Another possible application is in security where accelerometers can be buried in the ground to detect intruder movement.

Designed originally for OEM applications, the 660 series sensors are also ideal for use as low cost array accelerometers in test and measurement applications. The low cost coupled with very low weight of less than 2 grams allow for high channel count measurements without the risk of mass loading.

Even at low cost, PCB Piezotronics still supplies all 660 series accelerometers with a fully NIST traceable single point calibration to provide end-users with complete confidence in the measurements.

All standard PCB sensors and products are supplied with Lifetime Warranty Plus and are also covered by the company's Guarantee of Total Customer Satisfaction.

August 2011

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