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PCB Piezotronics, a world leader in vibration, acoustic, pressure, force and torque sensors, has a wide range of innovative sensors and measurement systems for the gas turbine market. The company's latest offerings include high temperature accelerometers and pressure sensors that provide crucial information to enable diagnosis of potential problems, leading to an increase in turbine uptime and a decrease in unplanned maintenance, failures and accidents.

Innovations in high temperature accelerometer technology for gas turbine monitoring have led to the development of the new series 357D90, a charge output sensor that enables vibration measurement in extreme heat environments up to 649°C. With sensitivity of 5pC/g ±10%, measurement range of ±1000g peak and frequency range of 2.5kHz, the 357D90 is ideal for use in the most demanding gas turbine measurement and monitoring applications.

The new accelerometer is housed in an Inconel welded hermetically sealed package and features an integral hardline 3m cable. Weighing just 50 grams without cable, it features through-hole mounting and can interface directly with handheld data collectors for both permanent and route based applications.

Complementing PCB Piezotronics' 357D90 accelerometer is the new model 176M03 charge output pressure sensor. This device has been developed in response to market demands for piezoelectric devices that can detect and measure dynamic pressure phenomena in the presence of high static pressures. Turbine applications are often at 300psi (2068kPa) static with dynamic pressures up to ±5psi (34kPa). These sensors also need to be capable of operating in temperatures above 500°C.

The market demands are driven by regulatory pressures for modern power turbine manufacturers to achieve unprecedented reductions in emissions. In particular, NOx emissions have been reduced dramatically through new "lean burn" or "dry low NOx" designs. However, these advances have come at a price as the low fuel-to-air ratios of these combustors can result in coupled acoustic and heat release pressure oscillations. Even though the magnitude of these oscillations may be low, even small fluctuations of 1psi or less can cause high-cycle fatigue in metal parts downstream of the combustors.

PCB Piezotronics ATEX-CSA approved model 176M03 is ideally suited to these environments with sensitivity to 17pC/psi (2.5pC/kPa), ranges from 20 to 400psi (140 to 2760kPa) and high temperature operation up to 535°C. Additional features include low-noise, in-line differential charge amplifier, case isolated and rugged 2-pin MIL connector.

PCB Piezotronics' wide range of sensors and instrumentation for combustion measurement and gas turbine monitoring solutions has been developed over more than four decades over which time the company's expertise in combustion dynamics instrumentation has met the industry's most demanding requirements, challenges to which PCB Piezotronics continues to rise.

All standard PCB sensors and products are supplied with a two-year warranty and the company also offers to all customers, at no charge, 24-hour emergency telephone support.
This service makes product and application support available to customers and end-users, day or night, seven days per week.

July 2012

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