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IMI-Sensors offers Low Cost, High Temperature ICP® Accelerometer, Ideal for rugged, wet, and acidic environments

IMI-Sensors, a division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc. and the world's largest manufacturer of industrial vibration monitoring instrumentation, announced the immediate availability of its low cost, high temperature ICP® accelerometer model HT602D01.

This sensor model is ideal for vibration measurements in higher temperature applications, including paper, plastics, and steel industries.

These high temperature ceramic shear ICP® accelerometers include a 2-Pin MIL-C-5015 side exit connector in a low-profile housing. Heat environments up to +325°F/+163°C can be tolerated. The sensing element of these accelerometers provides a sensitivity of (±10%) 100 mV/g (10.2 mV/(m/s²)) with a frequency range of (±3dB) 30 to 480000 cpm (0.5 to 8000 Hz).

This sensor can be used as drop-in replacement for existing accelerometers and offers a higher temperature range than many competing sensor types. HT602D01 sensors work with most vibration analyzers and are available with low cost cables. Alternate versions of this sensor are also available in integral PTFE jacketed cable and armored PTFE jacketed cable ideal for various acidic environments.

October 2012

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