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PCB Piezotronics, a world leader in vibration, acoustic, pressure, force and torque sensors, offers a wide range of ICP® quartz piezoelectric force sensors. These durable measurement devices possess exceptional characteristics for the measurement of dynamic force events and typical of the company's range is the 208 series that offers low cost solutions available for delivery in the UK in less than a week.

The 208 series dynamic force sensors feature a female thread in top and bottom and are capable of measuring in both tension and compression modes making them ideal for an extensive range of applications. These include tensile testing, fatigue testing, drop and impact testing, material testing, mechanical impedance, biomechanics and modal analysis force input.

Specifications include 45 to 22kN compression range, 45 to 2.2kN tension range, amplitude linearity of 1% full scale and upper frequency limit of 36kHz. PCB's compact 208 series dynamic force sensors feature hermetically-sealed stainless steel construction, flexible mounting and low deflection. With ICP® and charge output models available, the 208 series offers a versatile solution that is ready to drop into existing test set-ups. The sensors require standard 10-32 tapped holes for mounting and are supplied with mounting stud and convex curved impact cap to help spread the forces over the entire surface of the force sensor.

Quartz force sensors feature a range of unique characteristics that deliver numerous advantages in dynamic measurement systems. These include stiffness, durability, stability, ability to measure small changes under large loads and overload survivability.

With a modulus of elasticity between 11 and 15 x 106 psi, quartz is almost as stiff as solid steel. All quartz force sensors are assembled with stacked quartz plates and stainless steel housings, a stiff structure that offers an extremely fast rise time to enable response to and accurate capture of rapid force transient events.

Tough solid-state construction with no moving or flexing components ensures a linear response with the durability and longevity to cope with the most demanding, repetitive cycling applications.

The measurement characteristics of quartz are unaffected by time and mechanical stress, ensuring exceptionally repeatable and uniform measurement results.

Quartz force sensors can measure small force fluctuations that are superimposed on a large static pre-load (which is ultimately discharged by the measurement equipment). In addition, these versatile sensors can typically be used for conducting measurements that may exceed twice their normal range and can even survive as much as 15 times their rated capacity.

Other advantages of quartz force sensors include small size with a typical 12.5mm diameter device featuring a linear range up to 45kN, quasi-static calibration enabling many sensors to be field-calibrated using known weights as reference standards, temperature insensitivity and high frequency response.

PCB Piezotronics range of dynamic force sensors also includes ring styles for compression-only applications, link and impact types. The company also offers three-component dynamic force sensors to conduct simultaneous force measurements in three orthogonal directions and penetration force sensors.

ICP® sensors offer ease of operation and other significant advantages over charge mode types as their low impedance output and solid-state hermetic constructions makes them well suited for continuous, unattended force monitoring in harsh factory environments. In addition, ICP® sensor cost-per-channel is substantially lower as they operate through standard, low-cost coaxial cables and do not require expensive charge amplifiers.

PCB Piezotronics also offers a wide range of dynamic sensor signal conditioners and industrial charge amplifiers.

All standard PCB sensors and products are supplied with a two-year warranty and the company also offers to all customers, at no charge, 24-hour emergency telephone support. This service makes product and application support available to customers and end-users, day or night, seven days per week.

December 2012

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