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PCB Piezotronics, a world leader in vibration, acoustic, pressure, force and torque sensors, offers a broad range of sensors and instrumentation for permanent installation and testing of wind turbines and turbine components.

Because of the very high costs associated with repairing of bearings up in a wind turbine generator - many hundreds of feet in the air and often out to sea - the generators are fitted with many industrial sensors to monitor for increasing trends in vibration on the bearing casings. Engineers can then plan maintenance at an appropriate time rather than having to react to emergencies.

PCB Piezotronics conditioning monitoring sensors are already deployed in such monitoring systems including series 601, 607, 626 and models 602D01 and 603C01 low cost ICP® accelerometers and the latest embeddable accelerometers that can easily be designed into printed circuit boards.

PCB Piezotronics also offers microphones and preamplifiers that are used to measure the noise from wind turbines both internally and externally. Gearboxes and main bearings are typical noise sources that are monitored internally while overall turbine noise is measured externally. Model 831 features a built-in narrow-band FFT analysis option that enables higher frequency components to be analysed for predicting possible machine faults. Analysis of the source of audible noise can result in gearbox modifications so that equipment runs more quietly and efficiently.

Blade imbalances can result in very low frequency vibration and these are best detected using a MEMS accelerometer from the 37XX series of single and triaxial DC response devices. These feature gas-damped silicon MEMS sensing elements for uniform repeatable performance and offer high frequency overload protection.

Single channel telemetry systems provide a simple, accurate and contactless method of conditioning and transmitting strain signals on rotating or moving machinery without slip rings. Power is transferred inductively and the signal is RF transferred inductively between the moving and static component - no brushes or wires required. This method guarantees an absolute maintenance-free continuous operation and accurate transmission of measured data.

Modal shakers and hammers enable blade manufacturers to test the strength and dynamic and structural integrity of blades. Single axis and triaxial MEMS DC accelerometers are placed on the tip of each blade and modally tuned ICP® impulse hammers and shakers are used to excite the structure enabling in-depth analysis of structural characteristics.

PCB Piezotronics wide range of wind turbine monitoring sensors and instrumentation enable wind farms to keep operating at optimum performance by increasing reliability and reducing downtime. The company's industrial-grade sensors measure vibration, strain, torque and noise in new and existing wind turbines providing measurements that are crucial to keeping these systems in tip-top condition.

All standard PCB sensors and products are covered by the company's Guarantee of Total Customer Satisfaction.

March 2013

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