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PCB Piezotronics announces New Multi-Purpose Signal Conditioners

New Units Feature Selectable Low Pass Filtering, Keypad and Display

PCB Piezotronics, Inc., a global leader in acoustic, vibration, pressure, force, load and torque sensors, is pleased to announce the availability of their next generation multi-channel signal conditioners. PCB® Models 483C40 and 483C41 are designed for use with ICP® and traditional charge output sensors, and also accept a direct voltage input.

These models are extensions of the existing 483C Series of 8-channel signal conditioners and now feature selectable low pass filtering. Model 483C40 can be setup and controlled through an Ethernet interface. Model 483C41 has both an Ethernet interface and a front panel keypad and display for setup and control. Both models are supplied with Multi-Channel Signal Conditioner (MCSC) Control Software. The 483C Series was also designed to replace legacy PCB® Models 498A and 481A Series signal conditioners.

For more information contact Bill Coffta at (716) 684-0002 or via email at bcoffta@pcb.com

About IMI-Sensors
IMI-Sensors, a division of PCB Piezotronics, is the world's largest manufacturer of industrial vibration monitoring instrumentation such as accelerometers, vibration transmitters, and switches. These sensors, featuring rugged stainless steel housings, survive in harsh environments like paper mills, steel mills, mines, water treatment facilities, and power plants. Integrating with portable analyzers and PLC's, IMI instrumentation helps maintenance departments reduce downtime and protect critical machinery. IMI's fast delivery Platinum Products include industrial accelerometers and accessories all covered by a Lifetime Warranty and guaranteed to be in stock. Visit us at www.imi-sensors.com.

About PCB Piezotronics
PCB Piezotronics is a world leader in the manufacture of piezoelectric quartz sensors, accelerometers and associated electronics for the measurement of dynamic pressure, force and vibration. The company's ICP® sensors incorporating microelectronic signal conditioning circuitry within the sensor housing are an industry standard and their widespread popularity has made PCB Piezotronics an enduring success worldwide. The company's mission statement - Total Customer Satisfaction - is not only supported by products that offer outstanding value but also by an industry exclusive Lifetime Warranty Plus.
PCB and ICP are registered trademarks of PCB Group, Inc.

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PCB Piezotronics Ltd.
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March 2013

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